Options for Stylish and Unique Los Angeles, CA Engagement Rings

Modern Selection for Engagement Rings

Nontraditional brides are always crazy for trendy and modern engagement rings. If you are one of them then you have so many options in the market. There are those rings with colorful stones while others are modern spins of vintage designs.

Engagement RingAs a bride, it is your duty to wear one of the unique or stylish engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA to separate yourself from the traditional ones.  Wearing a traditional ring with a round diamond is a classic but you can do more than that. If you want to spin it to become more contemporary, adding a few dazzlers will do. Here are some of the best options that the jewelry market can offer these days:

Modern halo

Classic halo rings already look awesome, but the truth remains that its style is classified as traditional. You can always bring its design into the next level by alternating colors and shapes into its halo. The most definite result that a halo could bring to the ring’s main stone is it creating an illusion of being large.

Mixed metal ring

If you have a center stone that is colorful, you can make it seamless by making use of mixed metal prong. Prongs are usually a different metal as compared to metal used in the band of the engagement ring. The most popular selection these days is the yellow gold prong that has a yellow diamond. You can also customize the stone sitting atop the prong for as long as it does not look awkward.  

Engraved engagement ring

If you want your engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA to feel personal and sentimental, you can always choose items with engraved details. Most of the rings under this style have handwritten note on it. Think of your favorite poem, quote, and etc to be included on the ring.

There are a number of non-traditional designs out there; all you need to do is search. If you are not familiar which style to follow, you can check online bridal jewelry sites for samples or you can take a picture in your favorite bridal jewelry shop.

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