Getting Wedding Jewelry Services at a Store in Houston, TX

Bridal Jewelry Restoration Options

Jewelry ShopJewelries are helpful to achieve stunning bridal photos. In a celebration, it doesn’t need that everything you wear is new. Sometimes a little touch and patch will do the work. Sometimes our special stuffs like our jewelry are just locked in our vaults because we are afraid of it being lost or stolen. For a wedding ceremony, do not be afraid to expose those precious gems because they deserved to be discovered. You don’t need to spend too much if you are getting married, this is good for couples who wanted to save for the expenses because of getting wedding jewelry services for weddings at a store in Houston, TX has made it easy.

Jewelry Repair. There are times that our jewelleries needs a little repair like resizing, prong repair or refurbishing. We understand that we value the gifts that are given to us by our family that is why we do on site jewelry repair so that you will be comfortable that your gems are safe with us. If you do not want to leave your diamonds with us, we offer diamond plotting where you can see under the microscope the uniqueness of your stone and you can still see it after the repair and check if it is still the diamond that you have left from us.

Cleaning.  Our jewelleries are exposed to chemicals and elements that may cause discoloration too.  It’s time to make them look new in our cleaning services.  You can still wear that vintage engagement ring because we will do the cleaning for you without compromising its quality and appearance.

Inspection.  It is good to secure the parts of our jewelleries if they are still intact. There are times that the prongs will be loosened and sometimes it could cause a major damage. Our jewellers will check it for you and they will tell you if there is a need for a repair or not.

Getting jewelry services for wedding at a store in Houston, TX is easy, visit us or just give us a call.

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