Top 10 Ideas for a Unique Wedding Photography

It is the dream of every couple that their wedding day becomes the most talked-about event in their area. That is why these couples would do everything to make sure that they have the most stunning wedding event of their generation.

However, the secret towards a remarkable and memorable wedding is by hiring photographers that can think of unique wedding photography ideas. If you haven’t got one, here are 10 tips that will surely make your wedding photos one-of-a-kind.


1. While the bride prepares herself for the wedding, take a picture of the bride admiring her bridal gown before she slips into that marvelous dress.

2. If you want to create an unforgettable memorabilia for the bride, make the bridesmaids and family members scribble their messages on the soles of the bride’s shoes. This way, the bride will always remember that her friends are walking with her.

3. Capture the mother helping the bride in slipping into her dress. Later on, this photo will become a reminder to the bride how proud her mother is of her. This photo can also bring nostalgic memories to the mother back to the days when her little lady prepares herself for a school party.

4. During the wedding, there will be very few times when a bride gets alone by herself. Take a picture of herself looking in the mirror to give her an idea how beautiful she is when she reflects her life in the coming years.

5. What could be more fun than a beautiful bride surrounded by dashing girls? Gather all the bridesmaids and take a picture of these stunning women.

6. Not only girls can only have fun! You can also gather all the groomsmen and shot a picture of them on their gallant suits. Some groomsmen actually get goofy and cool by posing wacky pictures.

7. If you want to capture the most emotional moment of the wedding, take a photo of the groom’s expression while waiting for his bride. Oftentimes, the groom’s first glimpse of the bride is surely an unforgettable sight. That is why many grooms can’t help themselves shed a tear.

8. Never ever miss the kiss! The first kiss is perhaps the most unforgettable and sweetest moment of the wedding. This picture should not be missed in the wedding album.

9. Another unforgettable moment of the wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom first walk the aisle as husband and wife. Capture the couple’s smile while they enjoy the most festive walk of their lives.

10. Whether the bride and groom leaving the ceremony with confetti of flowers or flying bubbles, catch the newly-wed in all their beauty and glory as they walk around their loved ones.

These are only some brilliant ideas for unique wedding photography images. Do you have an ingenious idea in your head for your wedding day? Make them a reality by applying them in your friend’s or even your wedding day.